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Bald Cypress


In today's competitive economy, company logos are expected to be a standard in commerce. Often the first impression your intended audience will see, logos are the point of identification visually communicating your core values to the public. With just one glance, a successful logo design tells a story drawing an emotional connection that resonates with consumers. Selecting a distinctive, memorable, and timeless symbol with qualities equivalent to our firm guided our decision to include the 'Bald Cypress' in our logo design.

As one of only five species of deciduous conifers, this tree is cone bearing and needle-leaved dropping its foliage annually in early fall giving the 'Bald Cypress' its namesake. Native to the southeastern United States, these trees thrive in the humid climates of the coastal plains. Distinctively large in stature, these majestic trees have a broad trunk measuring 6 foot in diameter and regularly taper to heights of 120 feet. Also known as the state tree of Louisiana, the 'Bald Cypress' is long-lived and found in the swamps and wetlands of the southeast and Gulf Coast regions. These giants are recognized most by their peculiar root structures known as "knees" which develop at the base of their trunks just above normal water levels. While researchers still speculate the purpose of these uncommon formations, it is theorized they are used to supply additional oxygen to the deep tap roots and add stability to the roots growing out of the soft, muddy basin soil. With the ability to adapt to harsh environments from severe droughts to continuous flooding, these trees yield benefits of decreased pollution and reduced soil erosion along the Gulf Coast wetlands. Regularly living up to 600 years, the 'Bald Cypress' is a very old, slow-growing tree that is marked with vast strength and stability. Highly valued for their old-growth heartwood, 'Bald Cypress' trees are naturally resistant to water and decay with the presence of anti-fungal extracts earning their distinction of  "wood eternal". 

The overall culture and identity of our firm is represented by the characteristics and attributes of the 'Bald Cypress'. Distinguished and strong, our firm offers an array of financial products and services to meet the evolving needs of today's consumers. We customize investment strategies designed for adapting to varying market conditions, stabilizing portfolios and mitigating overall risk. When building tailored financial plans and managed investment portfolios, we rely on our value system to make decisions with a focus on the client above any personal gain. Committed to our pursuit of excellence, we welcome the opportunity to help you achieve financial security.