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"What's In A Name"



 According to human behavioral expert, Dale Carnegie, "a person's name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language." When you hear the sound of your name it causes a chemical reaction in your brain releasing feel good hormones such as dopamine and serotonin. This burst of excitement makes you feel happy sending signals of empathy and compassion to your unconscious brain. Having this positive emotional reaction occur for a business name is what all companies strive to accomplish. And our goal was not only to invoke positive feelings with our name, but also relay the values and vision of our firm which parallel to the characteristics found in natural heartwood.  

Heartwood is the oldest and strongest wood found in the central section of tree trunks and branches. This unique wood functions as the primary support of a tree providing structure and rigidity. Often referred to as the "backbone", this stable core section contains the most durable and resilient wood of a tree. Usually darker in color and sometimes aromatic, heartwood is resistant to decay and less permeable than any other wood making it the most valuable. Equated to the strength of steel, heartwood from old-growth cypress trees is credited with the highest resistance to decay as well as the largest presence of anti-fungal extracts of any tree. The strength and durability of heartwood from this tree species is also ideal for building and heavy construction, and even untreated, it can last for decades maintaining its original integrity.

The attributes of our firm mirror the integrity, strength and support found in our namesake. Our investment management strategies are designed to build resistance against principal erosion helping you remain focused on your long-term goals during challenging economic conditions. With the support of a local advisor from Heartwood, you gain exclusive access to industry specialists, vast resources, and global asset management platforms. Our customized investment management portfolios are designed to be risk aware during difficult market conditions and resilient when rising markets prevailWe are honored to deliver the corresponding attributes of natural heartwood to our existing clients, and we embrace the opportunity to engage with you to become your trusted advisor.